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Vangelis Ilias

sculptor artist


Vangelis Ilias is an artist who bridges the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern artistic sensibilities. His portfolio includes a wide range of sculptural works, but at its core is a deep exploration of human expression and the use of various materials to convey profound messages.

Ιlias' conceptual art enters a realm where the plasticity of the human figure takes center stage. His creations in this genre explore the multifaceted nature of human existence, with a strong focus on the anthropocentric perspective. Each sculpture becomes a conduit of self-expression, a raw and unfiltered manifestation of their inner world. His conceptual anthropocentric sculptures demonstrate his unyielding fascination with the complex nuances of human emotions, relationships and the human condition itself.

To create the sculptures, he conscientiously uses environmentally friendly materials, underlining his dedication both to artistic quality and to the protection of the natural environment. He is a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts. His artistic journey is marked by numerous exhibitions, honors in art competitions and collaborations with galleries. He works in his personal artistic workshop in Athens.



Sculpture Exhibition, Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, September 2021, Byzantine & Christianity Museum, GR

Sports Ideal, Human and Arts - Ceremony: Touch of the Olympic Flame, March 2020, sponsoship of the Ministry of Tourism, Ancient Olympia, GR

Art Basel – International Art Show, 5-8 December 2019, Miami, USA


Sculpture, Group Exhibition – EETE, September 2019, Byzantine & Christianity Museum, GR


Mediterranean, Fine Arts Exhibition – EETE, December 2018, Piraeus Municipality Gallery, GR


Images without a horizon, Group Art Exhibition,November 2018, Trii Art Hub, GR


The Image and the Glance, Group Art Exhibition, October 2018, Trii Art Hub, GR


Small Sculpture, Group Exhibition – EETE, October 2018, Byzantine Museum, GR


Uplift, Group Exhibition, February 2018, Gallery of Piraeus Municipality, GR


Art Exhibition in Nea Smyrni Grove, Spring 2013, Municipality of Nea Smyrni, GR

Biennale Di Firenze, December 2009, Florence, IT


Group Tours Exhibition, Sculpture Gallery, Corfu, December 2006, Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu, GR


Mythology, Association of Greek Sculptors, December 2006, GR


Olympic Sculpture Trilogy, Association of Greek Sculptors, August 2004, GR


Mythology, Association of Greek Sculptors, August 2003, GR


Group Art Exhibition, July 2002, Municipality of Leonidio, GR


Group Tours Exhibition, Ionian Center – Plaka, August 2001, Association of Greek Sculptors, GR

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