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In the project 'Peels', Vangelis Ilias, explores the complex interaction between art and memory, the past and the present and the lasting connection between an artist and his creations, where each piece is made from the very essence of the interaction of mental and physical effort.

The artist delves into the soul of the marble, removing its innermost peels, testifying to their durability. These peels are not mere remnants, they are the natural manifestations of the artist's journey, enriched with memories of the past. They symbolize a deep bond between the creator and his creations, embodying the essence of effort, work and the unwavering struggle for existence.

Each peel tells a story, echoing the ceaseless inner search. These sculptures are living testimonies of the artist's dedication and mastery. The very essence of traditional stonework is alive in them, a testament to the timeless legacy of this age-old art.


Marble  |  2010 – 2012

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