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In the contemplative sculpture titled 'Confined', the artist explores the issue of human oppression and the constant search for freedom. At the heart of the marble piece, a human stands with their feet firmly planted, symbolizing the indomitable spirit of those who have endured the bonds of slavery throughout history.

These footprints are surrounded by barbed wire, an evocative reminder that oppression, in all its forms, still persists in our world today. This barbed wire doesn't just indicate physical boundaries. It represents the complex web of social, economic, political, and personal constraints that have perpetuated various forms of oppression, including contemporary issues such as migration and ongoing global crises.

Through marble, known for its timeless durability, the artist underscores the enduring message that the longing for true freedom remains unquenchable in an ongoing journey that transcends time and geography.

Confined_Vangelis Ilias-art project
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