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“Image and the Glance” – Group exhibition

TRII invites you to the inauguration of the group exhibition “The Image and the Glance” On Friday 19th October at 19:00,

curated by art historian Marina Gonda.

“Art for the modern human is a way of immortality for passers-by.

Art achieves a clearing up of the moral disturbances created in the evolution of daily life. It’s communication, not publicity and sophistication. It is a dose of truth and hope.

It expresses parallel temporal emotions in every form or performance: thematic, pictorial, color. They are harmonized modules, figurative reflections and parallel emotions over time. It is a sweet delight and intoxication. Her work is her own imitation and her derision.

This is the poetry, the creation, the theater and in the case of visual art, THE IMAGE.


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